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    12+ years

    With over 12 years of experience in the woods and on machinery handling tree removal, logging, skidding, drainage and more...

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    New York State

    Currently we serve Greene County New York, the Northern Catskills and its surrounding areas. Please contact us for further details.

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    Satisfied Customers

    "Will showed up on time, the estimate was fairly priced, and they finished the job two days early! Couldn't ask for better service!" - Peggy R.

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    Our insurance package has your peace of mind covered. You never have to worry about the what if.

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    Small lots to large parcels...

    We are able to customize your logging needs. Ranging from small areas all the way up to large parcels of 100+ acres.

    Tree Removal



    No matter the size...

    Tree Removal first starts with a comprehensive estimate done on site. This ensures the ability to address any questions or concerns upfront.

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    Improve your land...

    We offer selective ecological management including but not limited to thinning forests, trimming dead trees/branches, hazardous trees, and more...

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    Prior to any work being done we will always give you a free estimate and then discuss contract terms so everything is clear! 518.947.9266

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  • About Will

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    Logging and the Warfield family

    Will comes from a long line of loggers in New York state. His grandfather (and his family), born early 1900s, were loggers from an early age and continued to be loggers most of their lives. Although his grandfather passed away when Will was young, logging interests were in his blood. Will began Warfield Logging, firewood and tree removal covering the northern Catskills and beyond.

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